About me!

This is my very first post.

Reading time- 2mins

Join my life’s journey in travel, lifestyle, fashion, useful tips of life! Eventually developed a passion for slow fashion & sustainability.

A simple, happy-go-lucky, optimist & energetic person determined to be scientist in childhood, forced by luck to do Government job after college! Quit the luxury of life, understand its values, gave up the job, to dream life in my own terms.

Guess what! It succeeded ! Also hoping much better life soon. I believe in myself, I am a revolt!

It needs courage & strong believe in oneself to speak the truth. Soon will come up with my life stories.

Life is a journey, a continuous process of learning from cradle to grave! 📝📖

Please join in my journey & I bet you will enjoy your time! 🎉

Thanks all the subscribers & readers.


All of you have stories, do tell others! It’s always fun & helpful for all.


Happy Reading! 😍😍😍

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