7 Interesting Tips you should do as a Married lady!!


We have witnessed different experiences in life after marriage. Some would say get married & give birth to child, some prefer to enjoy life after marriage. Some would say do job & concentrate on your career others say take responsibilities of husband’s family.

I would say, I live my life in the way I love. Eat, work, travel & enjoy! Life is simple, make it real. Stop bitching others. Stay away from negative people. Utilize your idle time by being creative. I am so excited to share my thoughts to you all!

Here are the 7 tips you should try after marriage to lead a happy & blissful life.

  1. Love is the essence of life. Give love to people around you. In return you will get it back. Love your in-laws & your parents. Love & respect your partner’s few decision. Acknowledge them & You will definitely receive the same.
  2. Think positive! Your optimistic views will attract all good vibes in your life. Share your thoughts to your partner , though it maybe weird, he will laughs or he will support you. Both way you are the gainer.
  3. A child is a beautiful gift of God to a couple. Some wants to give birth a baby to save their marriage, some due to pressure of family & relatives, some will say age & health condition matters. I accept all your views but give birth to a child when both of the partners are ready. It’s a responsibility of both to bring this innocent creature to Earth. Else stay as romantic couple for always & don’t care about others. Or if you have a child, try to take out at least one hour of ‘me time’ that will keep your mind fresh & young.
  4. Eat, sleep & travel! Enjoy life. This life is yours! Enjoy every moment, spread happiness, love, peace. Don’t think about past & don’t get worried about future. It will give you happiness to be in the present.
  5. Be Independent. Independent doesn’t always means you have to be a working lady. Do all personal stuffs yourself. Try to make few decisions, go for shopping etc.
  6. Be yourself. Doing job or a home maker both are equally hard working ladies. Love yourself, your body, understand your own conditions. If you realize you mood is changing frequently don’t worry hormonal imbalance is the reason. Exercise at least half an hour to keep you stay calm & relax.
  7. Surround yourself with positive people. Positive vibes makes your life exciting. Take out personal time for yourself. Groom yourself. Hang out with your group of girls.

Here are the few tips I shared with you. Once you follow this interesting tips as a lady you will enjoy being yourself. Would like to share more. Let me know in the comments section below if you like to know more about it. Suggestions are highly anticipated. I scribble down in 10 mins. Hope you will like it.

Thanks you so much for reading. Love you all. Stay zestful!

Stay tuned. More posts are coming up….


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