8 tourist attraction you must visit in Sivasagar!

Ruled by Ahoms for 600 years, Sivasagar town has significant historical places. Here the few, you should visit, if you are in Assam.

  1. Ranghar Two- storied building of Royal sports pavilion for Ahom Kings & nobles. Entertainment & games as bull fights,other interesting games were the main attraction.
  2. Talatal Ghar Loacted at Rongpur , 4 kms near Sivasagar it is known as greatest architecture of Tai Ahom Dynasty.
  3. Kareng Ghar A royal house of Ahom Kings in Gargaon, which is 15 kms from Sivasagar town & it is the counterpart of Talatal Ghar.
  4. Shiva Dol Located at the heart of the city it comprises of 3 temples as Shiva Dol, Vishnu Dol, & Devi dol. It is believed to be the tallest Shiva Temple in India, which is 32m height& 2.4m golden dome.
  5. Joysagar tank & temple Known as the largest man made lake. Joy Dol/ temple is located at the North bank of tank. Now you can enjoy fun-filled games like boating, riding, jet-ski etc.
  6. Charaideo Located 28 kms from Sivasagar it was the capital of Ahom dynasty. Main attraction is the burial vaults or maidans of Ahom Kings & nobles.
  7. Gaurisagar tank & temple The tank & temple is also has place for tourist attraction.

8. Ahom Museum Constructed to keep intact 600 years of Ahom glory. They preserved the armours, antiques, weaponry, ornaments , attires & also scripts of Tai Ahom language.

These are the main tourist attractions of Sivasagar town. If you are in Assam or North East states, do visit Sivasagar, I am pretty sure you will take back great memories. If you want to know more details please inbox me or comments on the section below. Thanks for reading. ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ

Note: My attempt here is to name the places, not to go in historical details ๐Ÿ˜Š


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