10 Essentials when you are going to a beach!! ❤❤❤

I am a thalassophile & I realised it little late in life. I love ocean or sea, beach, water or sand. Being a beach lover, every time it’s difficult to carry too many staffs. So, I keep it simple, easy & innovative.

I would like to share my quick lists.

1. Sunglasses

Take 2- 3 pair of sunglasses with you whenever you are heading to a beach. Sunglasses protect you from UV rays of sun & keep your looks refreshed in different photos.

2. Stoles

They are the savers for me. If you don’t have a cloth to wear, wrap it, wear it, tie it. You can pair it up with dresses, skirts, shorts which definitely gives fresh looks.( 3-4 stoles)

3. Buttoned dress or shirts

Buttoned dress & shirts can be paired up with shorts. You can easily wear them. Full sleeves shirts also protect you from the sun. You can play or create your own way. 😊

4. Add chiffon or light clothes

Chiffon dresses are light weight, easy to carry, can be cleaned easily. Those flowy & airy dresses are comfortable & look good in photographs.

Add one or two hats with you. I sometimes prefer to carry a cap too, which I wear with short or casual wear. They protects your eyes & face from the sun 🌅

6. LWD

Lacy Little White Dress is a must whenever you are going to the beach. It looks subtle & clean. White looks gorgeous in photos. You can again wear it on your dinner date.

7. Flip flops, embellished Flats

You need at least 2 flip-flops at the beach. Embellished flats are pretty with a long flowy dress or short dresses. ( If you are a fashionista carry 2 extra to show off your legs & also your flats, post lots of pictures👌👌)

8. Comfy Shoe

Take a pair of shoes. You will need it while travelling or if you plan to go somewhere away from the beach.

9. Accessorize yourself.

Wear funky or statement Bangles, neckpiece, earrings to look bright in photos. I personally don’t prefer these stuffs, I avoid those on sunny days. But obviously, I wear it for a photoshoot. If you are a person who love accessories , you can play with them your way. Take tank tops also with you. 😜😜😜

10. Buy on the spot.

If you still feels you have fewer clothes, buy cheap kinds of stuff from the local market. You would definitely love to wear those.

Keep it less, simple, easy & innovative with the dresses you have.

Hope you like my posts. If you are the one who love to create your own personal style or make innovative ways to dress in the beach, then share me with your comments below.

Stay tuned for more posts.

Thanks for reading. 💕💕

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