Who are we ? Assamese at heart! πŸ’•

Reading time- 5 mins(400 words)

Assam is a land of diverse culture & resources.

It’s about Assamese people. For esp.those who don’t know about Assam(India).

1. We are Assamese!

Assam is an independent state. We have our own script. A part of seven sisters states, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh. People need to update their Geography beyond Sikkim & Darjeeling.

2. Assamese are Hindus!

We are Hindus in majority, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, etc. are also here. We respect all! We have different ethnic groups of Assam.

3. We eat Rice !

Rice cultivation is the major agricultural product of Assam. Being foodie, we respect food of other people. We eat many veg dishes & non-veg esp. Fish,Chicken, Duck,Mutton.

Momo & Chowmein are not our staple food.


4. We don’t live in jungles !

We are rich in natural resource & infrastructure. We are educated & civilised people. We have Oil Industry, Tea Industry, Coal , Silk Industry, Jute, Cement etc.

5. We are dowry free state!

In addition to other North Eastern states, Assam is a dowry free state. We don’t have child marriage either. We do love marriage too.

6. Women also take part in politics

We do cast our vote ! We respect both men & women! In decision making process women also plays a vital role. We do jobs , we take care of our parents & also husband’s family.

7. Assam is a fertile land!

We are rich in culture & agriculture. We celebrate 3 Bihu in Assam. Also Durga Puja, Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Eid etc . We cultivate rice, jute, pulses, maize, wheat,oil seeds, cotton,tea, oil seeds etc.

8. We are neither Chinese or Japanese.

We are Indian with Mongloid trait. We have generally small eyes but that doesn’t mean we are Chinese. I have seen many people/ tribes around India have small eyes. If they are never being called as chinky ( an offensive word), so respect us too.

9. Assam is great tourist spot.

Umananda to Majuli, Kamakhya temple, Historical monuments of Ahom Dynsaty, Kaziranga & Manas National Park, Soalkuchi- the silk village of Assam, rivers & many others makes Assam a tourist spot of India.


10. We are good in educational sector.

Starting from IIT, NIT, Central University in Tezpur & Silchar, Agricultural, Medical & Engineering Institutions etc. are the educational institutions we have in Assam.

I would like to request you to visit Assam & other North Eastern places, you will know us.

This beautiful Brahmaputra & Barak valley of Assam & other North Eastern states will give you all the memories to cherish throughout your life. 😍

Thanks for reading πŸ’•

A simple attempt to write about Assam. Suggestions are highly anticipated . Thanks & Stay connected. 😍

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