What are the 5 Foods that You Must Try in GOA?

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Goa is all time favorite destination for many people. Beaches relax & soothe your mind. But apart from enjoying there in a lazy sea beach, I love to create some good memories to cherish in future. So here I explore Goa & got few things to try & taste .


1. Feni  A local alcohol made of cashew nuts are the delicious local drink of Goa! Feni is made from the first extract of cashew! Coconut feni is also made which is generally popular in South Goa.


 2. Rawa Fish Fry -King Fish, Prawns etc are served fried, rawa fried, whole fried etc. Rawa Fried is the authentic fried of Goa.

          download (1)

3. Indo- Portuguese Lunch – Few of the Portuguese origin dishes are mixed with Indian flavored are served in Goa. However, give your taste  buds something new Portuguese origin dishes as, Caldeirada– fish stew dish, Assado de Leitoa– roasted piglet, Feijoada– a stew of beef & beans. I don’t eat beef but have heard from friends.

images  download (3) images (1)

4. Pork/ Chicken Vindalhoo A traditional dish flavored with chillies, Garlic & Vinegar, that gives a tangy taste is a must to try, if you are in Goa.

        images (2).jpg

5. Goan Curry –   King Fish, Prawns,  Shark etc are prepared in Goan curry. I simply love this authentic taste.

      images (3)


**Sannas & Perad Sannas are traditional bread served with every Goan recipe, while Perad is a Guava Jam prepared in all houses of Goa.

images (5) download (4).jpg

**English Breakfast & Omelettes – You will get a proper English Breakfast in Goa. It is easy to get anywhere!  Whereas Ros Omelette is an authentic Konkani dish found in Goa. If you are a egg lover, you must try it!

download (5) download (7).jpg


Note- Items varies from place to place. A local eatery is a good place to get that authentic flavour. I didn’t taste all the items. Few of them are tasted by my friends. 

#Vegetarians – Next time will try to post something for you too ! 😉

Thanks all for reading my posts! I am loving it to share my experiences with you. 😊

Stay happy & positive !💕

Love, Sikha!😍

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