How to make super easy Pasta Recipe?

I never liked Pasta in my life. Today is the day, i prepare it myself & seriously i just love it. I did prepared as per my taste. Do check the recipe & who knows you might just love it. My first easy pasta recipe: Veg Pasta Arrabiata.

My first Pasta recipe is so yummy.
Pasta Arrabiata – cooking in the process.

Ingredients :

Penne Pasta 100 gms 1 small cup ( Bring to boil in 1 litre of water, add little salt to it & boil your choice of pasta for 10-12 mins or till it tender & chewy.

1 cup – Tomato puree or Grind tomato 3 big size

1/2 Cup – Broccoli + Onions + Carrot + Beans/ Veggies of your choice / Mushrooms. Diced & cooked. ( Saute all the veggies in olive oil in a pan for 3-4 mins & keep aside)

1 spoon Garlic paste

Salt as per your taste.

1 spoon – Sugar

1 spoon- Chilli powder

1 spoon- Dried Oregano

2 tablespoon- Basil leaves Chopped

2 tablespoon – Olive oil

2 tablespoon – Olive slices (optional)

1/4 cup- Grated Cheese or as per your taste you can add more or less Cheese🧀 🤪

How to make:-

1. Heat olive oil in a pan. Add tomato puree or grated tomato. Bring it to boil & add garlic, salt, sugar, oregano, basil & cook for few minutes or till the tomato is cooked. If needed can add 1 or 2 tbsp of water.

2. Now add the cooked Penne Pasta mix well for a minute.

3. Add diced & cooked veggies or mushrooms & mix again.

4. Add grated cheese & mix again for 30 secs. Now garnish it with sliced Olives or grated cheese.

Your yummy Pasta Arrabiata is ready to serve or eat. Enjoy this super easy pasta. Do try to make it & let me know your thoughts. If you like it, don’t forget to share a pic or comments here.

Until then happy eating…

Love much ❣️

Xoxo Sikha.

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