What are the best pregnancy outfits for mom-to-be?

Congratulations! Something’s brewing & someone’s growing inside you. Each day passing by & you want to make it memorable for lifetime. Enjoy this beautiful phase of a journey of mom-to be.

It is said, Dressing up with unique style is your identity. I would say Dress up is the only game, Women play & without getting bored. Pregnancy is one of the beautiful time, most of us desire to wear & look better.

Today, I will share some important tips & dress ideas of my pregnancy. All mom- to-be out there, do check it out .

We, Indians didn’t believe much in baby bump show off . Few dress details are given as being an Indian. Friends often asked me about the outfit ideas during pregnancy. Being a sustainable fashion enthusiast, I did smart buying. Can’t let those clothes be idle in my cupboard after delivery. Online shopping websites as Amazon & Myntra were my favorites.

Few Clothing hacks to be kept in mind during Pregnancy:

  1. Invest in good pairs of Inner Wear or Maternity Intimate wear.
  2. Buy T-shirts preferably bigger size, which you can definitely wear or style later.
  3. Wear comfortable footwear.
  4. Leggings/ Maternity pants or Maternity Jeans are life saver.
  5. Think beyond pregnancy. Buy clothes that can wear during & after pregnancy.

Here are the few mom-to-be or pregnancy outfits details, i bought or wore. Please do comments on the section below about your favorite outfit.

Outfit 1: Shirt Dress has always been my favorite. During & after pregnancy these gonna save you most of the times. Most importantly these can be worn after delivery & during feeding days. You gals will thank me later.

11 weeks pregnant

Outfit 2: Layering with Jacket/Shrugs/ Shirts – Layering has always been a good option during pregnancy. Shrugs, Jackets, Pullovers, sweaters, scarfs etc are the best option in pregnancy. Layering has its own benefits and we all know that. Don’t hesitate to experiment with layers of different clothes.

Outfit 3: Traditional Saree/ Mekhela Chador ( Indian fever, LOL)

This free flow shrug is a great buy from Myntra.

Mekhela Chador/Saree are good to wear but only in those initial moths. Definitely for posing or photos, you can wear it. Once your baby bump crosses 5 months, its seems difficult for me.

11 weeks pregnant
Saree is also comfortable to wear i believe. The above photo was shot at around 15 weeks of pregnancy

Outfit 4: Oh that dress says it all. People assumes you are pregnant, if you are wearing one. Lol A line dress/kurti/gown are versatile, easy , super comfortable to wear.

14-15 weeks pregnant
18-19 weeks pregnant

Outfit 5: Indian Wear with dupattas are always good to carry yourself during pregnancy. It gives you an elegant look & hide that tummy.

Outfit 6: Jeans/Dungarees – Jeans has always been my favorite. But try to wear a maternity jeans . Classic dungarees are best. They are good to fit that baby bump & looks cute too.

Outfit 7: Velvet – Who says Velvet are out of fashion. Velvet is gorgeous & classy since so long & used by Queen/Princess. This can never go wrong. But best suitable in winters .

Velvet are always priceless & forever in fashion

Outfit 9: Kaftan Dress Hey gals, I am freaking love with this Kaftan dress. Satin finish with all colors. Baggy or loose fitting looks makes you beautiful with that prego tummy or it can hide it. LOL

Outfit 10: Net or Lace dress – You girls must be having all those net or lace dress in your wardrobe. Its classic, sheen & elegant. Don’t forget to dig into your wardrobe or buy your best pregnancy outfits from online websites like Amazon or offline. Both the red & black dress are so beautiful & good steal from Amazon. First one is a drop waist A Line Dress while the second one is a bodycon net dress.

Add ons: Florals, Loose Night wear, Skirts etc are super comfortable best pregnancy outfits, which i got in the cupboard during the Pregnancy.

These are the few outfits which I loved during my pregnancy. Let me know which of these outfits, you loved the most. If you want to add more please write in the comments section below. I will also try to cover up next part of this blog.

Thanks for reading. It was pending since long. coming up with more. Stay tuned & subscribe to get notification when i posted.

Much love,

Xoxo Sikha

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