How lockdown can be better with 8 super cool things?

Hola all!

Thanks all for showering love! We are in phase Lockdown 4.0. I am writing this since Lockdown 1.0 but delayed one or the other way. Better late than never. So here it is. The lockdown can be better with these super cool or interesting things.

This time I came up with something different & it’s from my own experiences. Please let me know in the comments section below which one is your favorite. Or if you want to add your cool things during the lockdown, please add. Your feedback will be the world to me.

Let’s check the list!

  1. Decorate your balcony: I know I won’t say decorate your house then it would be too much for you. We are busy doing household chores, looking after kids & then work. It must be tough for all. But trust me, once you upgrade your balcony & sip that cup of your tea. You gonna feel amazing. How to: Pick up a rug/dhurrie/carpet that’s lying inside your cupboard or elsewhere. Place a Stool/Ottoman/Chair. Also, place a mattress to give a cozy feel. Add a clean cover as per your choice, either Boho/classic. Add pillows. Use candles /lamp/ decorative wall lights for evenings. Also, add light-colored curtains & add lots of plants. Keep books of your choice too.

2. Practice Minimalism: Clean old jars & boxes, bottles from the kitchen. Though i don’t prefer single-use boxes. yet I threw 50 of them. Check your kitchen, we don’t need 4-5 bottles for oil. Use a reusable one & throw the rest or recycle it. Discard old papers lying for years in your almirah. Recycle unused electronic gadgets or essentials(keep it aside you can send it once lockdown opens) Discard expiry medicines. Keep aside to donate unused clothes & books. Your home office space should be clutter free & clean too. Discard unnecessary items. Do let me know other practices for minimalism.

3. Maintain your garden: I am not great at gardening. But I have a few plants like Money plants, Palm tree, Aloe, Bamboo, succulents, etc. Water them regularly, observe them, give fertilizer & other essentials plants nutrients & trim them. So kindly research on Google as per your plant’s requirement & take care of your plants. You can also try your hands in growing your veggies. Many vegetables are there which can be easily grown. If you already have a veggies garden, then take care & maintain them.

4. Start a blog: I know we all have experiences good or bad to tell the world. Why not now? Start to write whatever you feel or from your experiences. Jotting down your feeling can keep your mind peaceful. Rewrite them, edit them & when you feel you can publish it. Else draft is always there. Lockdown is the perfect time to start. If you want to pursue your career as a content writer or creator. Pick up a niche & write on that & grow potential audiences. WordPress is one of the amazing CMS where you can start your blog. Its precise & easy to operate.

WordPress – Click here!

5. Finish all pending works: This is best time to do. Official: Cleaning your drive, drive backup, deleting spam & unwanted email, etc. Household like cleaning the Washing Machine outlet pipe, cleaning the faucet, discard unwanted items, etc.

6. Explore yourself & find happiness: If you want to sing a song, write a story, play an instrument, start a YouTube Channel, learn something new & how weird your wish maybe write it down & do give it a try. Because later in your life you won’t repent saying, You didn’t try. This will make you realize your source of happiness.

Designed by me! LOL 😂

7. Take care of your kids & pet: Both your kids & pet need attention & love. Playing with kids or engage them with innovative ideas is itself a challenge for all. I know all are busy in work & household stuff but they need attention. Give them time & care during lockdown is the utmost essential too. Attention & care is also needed for your pets.

8. Groom yourself & Self-Care/Self Help: We often tend to ignore ourselves in this entire lockdown. Though no Salons are working right now to groom yourself. Don’t forget to surprise yourself with the best homemade spa or scrubs. Try hands-on cutting your own hair, do facial or giving the best care for your hair, skin & body. Exercise, dance, meditate, hydrate yourself, eat healthy( anything prepared at home is healthy) & give time to care for yourself. I am sure this lockdown gonna be fun. If not all these, reading a good self-help book will definitely ease everything.

These are the 8 things I have been practicing during the lockdown. I know you will say that its easy to say & difficult to act. But trust me all these gonna work. All you need is – to maintain a routine or time management. For eg: Read a self-help book for 10- 15 mins a day during morning tea, or move your body/dance while at the kitchen, etc.

These are super cool things that makes your lock down better.

Until next time. Much love!

Xoxo, Sikha

Image courtesy: Pinterest, Shutterstock.

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