5 easy & quick ways to gift this Christmas.

If you are busy bee or a last-minute person like me, you can try these amazing inexpensive & sustainable hacks, this Christmas to gift your dear ones.

1. Jars/ Bottle: Mason Jars & Reusable Glass bottles are super cool & useful for gifting purposes. Fill the jar with dry fruits, cookies, or anything you like. Decorate your jars with newspaper, other waste paper, jute thread or do some creativity. Tada! You are all set to gift your friends and family.

2. Handmade soap: Aaaaw! This is another sustainable & super cute way to gift your near & dear ones. Buy in bulk, big soap base. Melt it, add essential oils, coconut oil, fruits( optional) & you are done. Make your soap with different colors & shapes! Decorate or cover your soap paper, thread, Areca leaf or Banana leaf & gift it.

3. Candles: Christmas is the time when gifting candles can’t go wrong. Homemade candles or Candles in a reusable Glass Jar looks so pretty. Go & surprise this Christmas.

4. Plants: Plants are the most sustainable way to gift on Christmas. If you wish, you can give flowers. Glass planters, Wooden planters or hydroponics are great ideas to gift your loved ones.

5. DIY– Decorate a reusable basket with Vegetables/ Fruits/ Pulses/ Meat or anything you want to gift your loved one. Cookies, Plum Cake, Home Decor, Flowers, etc are inexpensive & easy ways to gift your loved ones.

It’s Christmas Eve & don’t miss out to wish all.

Enjoy & Merry Christmas to you people out there. 🎊🎉🎊🎉🎉🎉🎊🎉

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