5 unique styles of a scarf!!

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Hello Ladies!

Thanks for your motivation ! All your love makes me feel so positive! 💕

Today, I would like to share few tips about styling your scarfs or stole .

Women in many countries use Scarfs/ Stoles as veil being part of tradition or custom. Scarfs has evolved from its time of usage to its modern form as style, comfort & styling or to accessorize!

Here are few tips for the gorgeous ladies out there to change their looks with a scarf/ stole!

  1. Hair Band Scarfs are styled as hair band. You can play more with your hair looks & different styles with a scarf.                images1346392827.jpg
  2. Accessorize A scarf can be used to accessorize your bag or sling bag. It will gives a classy looks 😉 Also with your dress etc. 😍img_20171103_1023341340208291.jpg
  3.  Comfortable / SOS Style Whenever you are near the beach, you will need it to protect yourself from sun. Or You can tie it in hand to glam your looks with dress👗dsc_3615358823585.jpg
  4. Statement style Each scarf can be styles in various ways around neck. That silky one, can be worn with a dress or in a beach while a checked or plain scarfs can be paired with formals. You can use your creativity to use it. I keep it simple 😉dsc_3496_12044091907.jpgdsc_6070777728284.jpg
  5. Beach Wear You don’t have a good dress to wear! Don’t worry ! Style up your old colorful scarfs/ stole as a sarong, as a mat & also as a cover up or shrug for your brassiere or lingerie.

These are the simple ways to style up with your scarf or stole. Tell me about your styling ways. I would love to hear from you. 😍😍


Stay Connected for more … love love!! 🙂 🙂


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