How to solo travel with these 10 life hacks?

Traveling is a passion for most of us. It’s been a decade I am traveling solo across India. Here are the few useful hacks I would like to share you.
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1. Traveling solo is though inspiring but in reality it’s little risky. Be mentally prepared before traveling solo. Schedule your itineraries beforehand. Be ready for last minute changes. Do keep self defense non- lethal weapons with you.

2. Going to washroom is the biggest challenge while traveling alone. Try to make a friend so that he or she can hold your bag for a while. Or keep a small bag with you , where you can keep those important stuffs and take it to the loo.

3. Handling of cash is little difficult. Keep petty cash everywhere. Keep cash in the backpack, inside your hair bun,inside your sleeves or brassiere. 😉

4. Take a small water bottle & first aid kit. Do take 2 packets of ORS & few basic medicines. Food & climate change may lead you sickness. Always keep these handy.

5. If you are traveling abroad, preferably try to take veg food. Do meet genuine locals through website like who will help you in guiding. 😉

6. Keep your gadgets fully charged. 2 cells recommended. A power bank is a must. Take a selfie stick or a tripod to capture those beautiful moments.

7. Maintain a diary. Track your costs. Memorize important contact numbers or note it. Try to get connect with a trusted local or your family member/ friend. Keep them updated about your location.

8. Wear convertible or layered cloths so that you can wear over again. Light weight cloths recommended. Two dark shade pants with 6 to 7 tees & 3 shirts. 2/ 3 good shoes is enough.

9. Use a big scarf that you can style up or can use as required. Whether in flight or AC room it is very simple yet essential.

10. Lastly, be bold & brave enough to face situations. Stay confident. Don’t let others think or know you are new to the place. Ask hostel/ hotel staffs to arrange for local trips.

Go & explore the world. Don’t let your fears stop you. First travel within your country then go abroad. Whatever you want to do, just start.
Let your spirit be filled with all the powers you have within..

Thanks for reading. More posts coming up.


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