Quick tips to travel Shillong, Scotland of the east!

Whenever you think of a budget trip you could plan it here in no time. Meghalaya is enriched with cultural and natural beauty. Adventure, weekend trips, shopping, fun time with friends and family are hot deals of it. You will find the magic and serenity of the place once you enter its boundary. No wonder India has lots of places to visit but Meghalaya should be the top of your bucket list.

If you think of doing something crazy, just pack your bags for Shillong. I used to do it often. Every time your experiences will be different.

Rushed there with your essentials that too instantly. All you need to do is reach International airport of Guwahati, Assam from any place. You can keep it simple, low budget and self-customized. Straight from the airport to the Guwahati city will cost around 500 or you can book Ola/Uber for less price and reach Paltan Bazaar Taxi Stand where you will find available rented taxis on the personal basis which will cost around Rs. 1200 for the car or for sharing basis Rs.300 each person.

Once you started your trip with the taxi it will reach Shillong in two hours. On the way, you will find Nongpoh where evening tea or lunch can be done. It is the starting point from where you will feel the beauty of the State popularly known as ‘Abode of Clouds’.


Before reaching the city of Shillong you will witness the scenic beauty of Umiam Lake popularly known as Barapani. It is known for hydro power project constructed a dam which is also famous for boating, kayaking, water cycling etc.

Shillong is situated at 1496m above sea level which has most dwellers from the Khasi and Jaintia Tribes. It is surrounded by hills in most of the places. Police Bazaar is the place where you will find hotels at reasonable prices starting from 1000-1500 to stay for 3-4 nights. Within the city, one can feel the scenic beauty of the land. The main attraction of the place includes Elephant falls, Hydari Park, Shillong Peak, Wards Lake, Golf Course, State Museum, Don Bosco center for Indigenous.


Meghalaya has been evolving faster in the new era of travel and tourism. One must not miss this place which will give immense pleasure for being in this State.

More interesting posts will come up in near future.

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