4 best homemade scrubs on-the-go.

I am a big fan of homemade & DIY stuff. The reason is simple. Its Eco-friendly, wastage is less & its effective. You know what i mean as a promoter of Sustainable living.

To exfoliate your skin, scrubs are the best. What can be easier than a homemade scrub? I am either a busy person or a lazy person in applying cosmetics. Today, I will share my best homemade scrubs which is effective & easy.

  1. Sugar + Lemon – You want your skin to glow instantly? Use this homemade scrub trick & you will thank me later. Use preferably Organic sugar (conventional is also fine) Sugar acts as a natural scrub & its good to exfoliate with it. Squeeze a lemon in 2 tbsp of sugar. Let the sugar melt for a minute or two. Scrub on your face for 5 mins in clockwise movements except for eyelids. It is one of the best ways to exfoliate your skin on-the-go. I love this one. Add On: Use the same scrub in your lips to remove dead skin or cracked lips.
  1. Salt + Olive oil – Olive Oil is amazing for skin. It moisturizes, prevents wrinkles, nourishes skin & results in glowing skin. Use preferably extra virgin olive oil one tbsp & one tbsp of salt. Scrub on your face & you will see good results. If you don’t like oil to stuck in your face, you can wipe it immediately with a mild face wash. Or let the oil be in your face for 10-15 mins & then wash with a face wash or homemade soap bar.
  1. Coconut Oil + Sugar – Coconut is amazing for your skin. Mix a half tsp of coconut oil with 1 spoon of sugar & scrub gently on your face. This is an easy & super-cool homemade scrub & Coconut oil can do wonders. Pat dry & Ta-Da.
  1. Coffee + Honey – Are you addicted to coffee? Coffee has its benefits for your skin too. Don’t let coffee spoil in your kitchen. Use a spoon of grounded coffee & mix it with one tsp honey & scrub to exfoliate your skin. You can add brown sugar too.

These are the super easy & simple DIY homemade scrubs, you can use once a week. If you are a busy bee or on-the-go person, don’t ignore your skin. Use these Eco-friendly, low waste scrubs at home & do let me know your feedback, suggestions on the comment section below.

Until next time, Much love


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