10 ways to empower women this year.

Women are bitches! Aren’t we?

There was a time when it is said, women are enemies of women. Yes, those days were horrible when we hear incidents of women-hating, torturing, killing & burning other women.

My heart aches to recall those incidents in the world around us. Many women couldn’t make it. Foetus was killed, few are killed after birth, some were drowned in milk. All of these happens because of gender inequality. Hoping our world didn’t witness cases like these now.

An equal world is an enabled world. Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Act for equality #IWD2020. #eachforequal. Let’s pledge to do more to empower women than a wish. #WomensDay2020 #LetsPledge #MoreThanAWish

Those days are changing! Yes, we are! We are evolving, we are growing stronger by supporting other women. Women are empowering more women now. So happy to see all this positivity around. More good days are yet to come. We are women of today’s century. We rule the world. We don’t care what others have to say about us. We love the way we are. We shine better when freed. We are the creators, we bear child, we nurture them. We are the future!

When all bitches are together, amazing things can happen.

Spread the awareness to empower women. Here I would like to include 10 ways to empower women around you.

  1. Educate her: Education is a vital means of empowering a woman. If you educate her, you will educate the community or society. Start by volunteering or helping a girl child to study. Promote awareness, emphasize on menstruation hygiene & healthcare.
  2. Appreciate woman: Empowering women begins at homeShowering love to women around. Tell them you care. To your mom, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, etc, write a thank you card or appreciate or give a compliment. 
  3. Volunteer as a Mentor or a tutor: Volunteering is always fun. Help a girl in your locality or community. Teach her or mentor her. You will empower her for life.
  4. Boost her self- esteem: Encourage, inspire & motivate the women around. Empowered woman empowers woman so encourage them. Boosting up women can lead to a positive society. To start it, form a group of like-minded girls & start a group & organize workshops (I do it too. LOL)
  5. Spread love & oppose negativity: Be true to yourself & honest. Spread love & positive vibes around all the women in your life. When women come together, we are unstoppable. Keep negativity away by focusing on yourself. Promoting body positivity, healthy life, intelligence in various fields.
  6. Say no to injustice: Letting do injustice means supporting injustice. Be aware & stand against injustice to you & other women. Provide her a better life. Make her aware of women’s rights & do encourage others to join hands in this noble cause.
  7. Support Women: You can offer a helping hand in gender-based violence. Support her in a crisis like situation as child labor, trafficking, abuse, child marriage, etc. Protect girls & women when they need you. Abolish child marriage, Child trafficking, & violence.
  8. Help Organizations that empower women: A small effort from women to women can impact a lot. Donate, volunteer & support Organizations who works for women empowerment.
  9. Provide platforms to Women: True women empowers others. Women have created many platforms so that the voice of fellow women can be heard worldwide. Create platforms like Women empowerment group & organize events to inspire others. Do workshops like Public Speaking contest, Multicultural cooking class or a sing-along or Team building, etc.
  10.  Help a new mom: The first 1000 days of a new mother’s life are crucial. Join helping hands by providing household essentials for baby & mother, giving them time,etc. Donate breastmilk if the mother can’t produce it. Or help her to get breast milk from source.

I am no scholar! Jotting down my thought in the possibly easiest way.

Women are questioned every now & then. Let women live life in own terms. She is not here to serve you. She is much more than you can imagine. Women are judged by shape, color & looks, objectified & what not! Stop judging us, stop objectifying us. We love the ones who truly adore us. A woman can give in abundance to society.

We can fight bias & can actively choose to challenge stereotypes. We can broaden perceptions, improve situations & can celebrate women’s achievements. Together we can create a gender-equal world.

While talking with a few women around me, I am happy to know about them. Gloria says She is happy after adopting two dogs & committed to them.  Sylvia is an independent lady. She can buy her fortune. She is a multi-tasker & she does 5 jobs at a time. Puspa quits her well-paying job to travel around the world, earn a lot by creating content. Olivia says menstruation is a natural process & she is proud of her body. She can procure baby. Disha says she is an ace tennis player, an entrepreneur & a proud mother. Ishika says she is a divorcee after her child’s birth & now a proud single mother. Meena says she is the founder of an organization, which empowers women by providing free education & mentoring them for the future. Divya is an unmarried girl but she adopted 3 girls & happy to be with them. Kalki is the founder of fashion institution & she raises the Empire all alone. Anu is working in a government organization herself, while on holidays & off office time, she works for a noble cause, she volunteers, she teaches, sings too. She is a proud mother of two girls & a wife of a loving husband. Rekha is a secret agent of an organization & a mother too (Pseudo names only)

Aren’t those ladies are amazing? See that’s the positives vibes I got from these women. They have Inspired us today & we can do much more than this!

Stay strong & united! More power to you women! Meet you at the other end.

Love & wishes,



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